Anonymous: your definitely a looks over personality kinder girl

if u knew me then you’ll know dats not true. 

Forrealz if you’re effortlessly funny ill find you extremely attractive regardless.. no joke i fancy the pants off of seth rogen and anders holm and im not even sorry

minaetoiles-deactivated20140419: hi! i'm a singer and i would be happy if you took the time to listen to my singing and follow me. i follow back. :) thank you. - Mina Etoiles

Not the kinda style I listen to but your voice is quite soothing!

Anonymous: what musician do you like musically and fashion wise

ah put me on the spot ermmmm… solange (basically god), rainy milo, aluna from alunageorge, mia, amir from rudimental, ta-ku, toro y moi 

Anonymous: i hope one day i meet you and we'll have so much fun and i'll make you so happy, we'll both be so happy. one day.

this made me smile

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